Sunday 27 January 2013

My Review Of Singorama

If you've recently discovered the Singorama package, and you'd like to find out more about whether it really works, if it's worth the money, and what kind of results people can achieve with this course – then you've come to the right place. On this page, I'll share what I know about Singorama, and show you whether it's something that can help you. By the time you've finished reading, you're going to know if this is the best singing course for you – so let's begin.

To begin with, learning how to sing is no easy task. But this doesn't mean you need an innate, natural gift to learn – because the core skills of a professional singer are easily learned if you are committed to practice, and have the right teacher. Unfortunately, the main drawback is that private singing lessons can be time consuming and very expensive.

However, Singorama aims to give you a step by step system for learning these skills at home, in your own time, so you won't need private lessons. But can it really live up to this aim? To find out, let's take a closer look at some of the claims it makes.

The Claims

Primarily, Singorama claims to teach you how to sing with full vocal range, and hit notes with professional perfection. This means if you follow the course in its entirety, you'll develop the skills of a singing professional.

It does this with a versatile system that caters to beginners, intermediates, and advanced singers in a progressive fashion. This means the course can improve your skills, regardless of your current singing ability. Additionally, it doesn't require you to have any previous singing experience, or visit a private singing coach.

While these are big claims to make for an online course, as you will see later, it does a very good job of delivering on its promise.

Who Created Singorama?

The primary instructor behind the course is a professional singing teacher called Emily Mander. She worked with the Singorama team to develop a comprehensive package that allows people to teach themselves the essential skills of singing.

What Do You Get When You Buy Singorama?

To begin with, the course is fully downloadable, which means you have instant access to all the resources as long as you have an internet connection. You can also download the entire package (although the file size can be very large if you download everything in one go).

The primary instruction is taught in 28 core audio lessons, as well as 2 fully illustrated books that contain a breakdown of the step by step lessons. You can see an explanation of what you'll learn in each  lesson on the official website.

These lessons cover many crucial topics such as: correct breathing techniques, music theory, correct posture, performance skills and techniques, dealing with stage fright, song writing techniques, auditions, avoiding bad habits, developing stage presence, and more.

Overall, the lessons are very comprehensive – and there isn't any “filler” which is merely designed to “pad out” the course. It's full of essential, stream-lined information, delivered in a logical, linear fashion – which allows you to make very fast progression with your singing abilities.

It also contains many exercises which will improve your voice, your range, and train you to use your new singing skills subconsciously, without any struggle. This turns you into a “naturally” good singer.

Finally, you will receive several software applications which are a great help when it comes to perfecting your pitch and hitting the right notes. The Perfect Your Pitch Pro software gives you real time feedback on every aspect of your pitch and tone, so it's similar to having feedback from a professional singing coach. This is very powerful, as it allows you to learn very fast – and avoid many of the mistakes and bad habits that a self-taught singer may develop without this kind of crucial feedback.

You'll also receive the Mini Recording Studio software, which allows you to record yourself, practice scales, full songs, and more. The course also gives you original songs and audio exercises to sing along with, which also includes warm ups, harmony lessons, and help with auditions. This is all vital information for the budding professional singer.

What Are People Saying About Singorama?

In general, Singorama has a great reputation online. It's very difficult to find any negative reviews, and it's easily the best value for money you'll ever receive in a home study singing course.

It's worth noting that it receives great reviews from young and old alike, so regardless of your age, the singorama course will be able to teach you. In fact, many people have been shocked at the kind of progress they've been able to make with a course like this.

The Money Back Guarantee

The Singorama package comes with a full 8 week money back guarantee, which means you can try the entire course, and if you find that it's just not for you, then you're perfectly entitled to claim a refund with no questions asked. Additionally, you're even allowed to keep the “bonuses” that can with the course, which goes to show that the Singorama team have a lot of confidence in their product.

The Conclusion

To summarize, Singorama is a cost effective solution for teaching yourself the art of singing, regardless of your current skill level. If you set aside 30 minutes a day to practice, and you stick to the step by step lessons without skipping ahead, then you'll be surprised at how quickly you can reach near professional level skill. The course is truly comprehensive, and there's nothing else you'll need to buy – so you'll be saving a lot of money compared to private singing lessons. For this reason, Singorama is one of the best investments you can make if you want to improve your singing ability.

To find out more or make a purchase, click here to visit the official website.